All of God's People Welcome


September 28 - October 1


2017 Meeting Dates
for the Body of Christ (PDF)

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Work Week/Youth Meeting

May 8 - 12



June 12-16

September 28 - October 1



    The Camp Meeting officially opens Thursday night, September 28th at 7:00 p.m.



    Prayer 8:00-9:00 am

    Morning 11:00 am

    Evening 7:00 pm

    (The first service begins at 7:00 pm)



    Breakfast 9:00 am

    Diabetic Lunch served daily

    Dinner 3:00 pm


    Snack Bar open nightly after evening service.

    All proceeds go back to the Campground.




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    ON SITE:

    The majority of rooms available on the Campground have already been assigned.

    Do NOT take a room unless you have permission to do so.  Guests must check-in at the Registration Office. Available rooms will be assigned by registration only and are on a first-come-first-serve basis.


    MAIN OFFICE: 502.543.0875  (during Camp Meeting only)


    Danny Rowe (Cell: 618.467.0040)

    Paul Wojtysiak

    Lori Wojtysiak

    Lloyd Young



    For room and board not on the hill, please view the list of hotels/motels in down town Shepherdsville, KY and neighboring cities near Shepherdsville.


    You may also find rooms using sites such as or


    Make your reservations early.



    Band Members


    All band members in good standing in your home assembly are encouraged to bring your instruments and are welcome to play.


    Band Practice is at 5:30 PM daily (unless otherwise posted).


    • If you do not attend band practice, you will not be guaranteed a seat, with an exception given to dining room help only.
    • Band Leaders are encouraged to bring 65 copies of any music your assembly has to share or that is desired to be practiced.
    • Seats are not reserved in the band. Due to the large crowd, it is very important that you occupy only one seat. If you play in the band, please be considerate and not leave the band to occupy a second seat in the congregation.



    Youth Choir


    Choir practice this Saturday only (unless otherwise posted).



    Kitchen and Dining Room

    Volunteers are needed to work in the kitchen washing dishes, preparing meals and serving tables. A sign up sheet is located in the back of the dining room for volunteers to work breakfast, dinner or both. If you sign up to work, please honor your commitment. Help is needed during every Camp Meeting and your service to the Lord and His people is invaluable. God will reward the faithful.



    Help Wanted!

    Volunteers are always needed for various duties throughout the meeting from trash detail, bathroom duty and cleaning the sanctuary after service. If you would like to help in any capacity, please let a member of the usher staff know upon your arrival.

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