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of the Gospel of the Kingdom Campground has not changed since it was so entered into record on August 12, 1942:

“…to be used for the purpose of using said property for the continual care of God’s children and not for profit and to promote the cause of the Christian faith and to provide a place of worship for persons of the Christian faith and for such persons to meet and worship on the premises herein conveyed and for providing shelter and provision for those meeting on said premises for worship and for taking care of the dependent aged persons as selected by said Trustees and their successors in office; to manage and care for said property and improve same as they deem proper and use any income from same or derived in the use of same for the payment of the expenses of same and said Trustees as their successors in office are to be sole judges as to the use of the property and income derived from same under this deed of trust pursuant to the power herein granted.”

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