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Work Week '24

May 13 - 17

Work week has been a crucial part of the campground since the very beginning. One week is designated every year as a time for whoever is willing and able to help clean and make ready the tabernacle, dormitories, dining hall and all other facilities for the upcoming camp meeting. Generally, work week is in the month of May, and the first Camp Meeting of the year follows a few weeks later in June.


Since 2011, youth from all over the country have come and donated their time to the work on the campground. Watching young people labor faithfully on the grounds by day and minister spiritually to one another in the services at night encourages all of us that the work of God here in Shepherdsville is still only beginning. As one generation of saints faithfully approaches the day to pass the baton that they have carried so well, the new generation of servants, leaders, and laborers is already preparing to continue their legacy.

The 2024 Work Week is scheduled for Monday, May 13th through Friday, May 17th.

Youth services will be live-streamed at

“With willing hearts and skillful hands, the difficult we do at once;

the impossible takes a bit longer.”

― Inscription on the memorial to the U.S. Naval Construction Battalion

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