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The Heritage House Museum is located in a newly renovated building across the street from the restrooms. The museum contains a wealth of interesting artifacts and photos, as well as offering an electronic slideshow. We plan to enhance the museum throughout the years as new pictures and videos are taken, and new memories are made.


Many people do not recognize the value in studying the past; while others get so bogged down they sacrifice the present. One of the most significant outcomes from reviewing our heritage is to recognize that the world we live in today is a direct result of the thoughts, actions, and relationships of our predecessors.


The Gospel Kingdom Heritage House has photographs, documents, books, recordings, and video clips available for people to catch just a small glimpse of the elements that shaped the life and ministry of William Sowders. The goal of the Heritage House is not to build a shrine or museum about just one person, but to accurately study the events contributing to what exists today. 


Based on what we have been able to determine, 2014 was the one hundred year anniversary of William Sowders entering the ministry. Please stop by to visit and consider sharing your story. We are able to scan your old photographs on the spot to share with others and if you would like to preserve the history of your assembly, consider writing down your own experience and bring us a copy.

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