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Welcome to the place we call "Home"

Through the highs and lows of the past decades, this Campground has witnessed new experiences, new generations, and a new unity, but the mission remains the same. From the very beginning, the Campground has been a place where men of God and saints of God can gather regardless of doctrinal differences and feel loved and welcome. The neutrality of a gathering place not identified with any one assembly allows men of God to candidly search for the truth while embracing one another in the bonds of Christian love.

For as long as this gospel has been preached in other nations, representatives from the mission field have gathered to celebrate the good news we have received. Some come cross-country by bus, some board an airplane for the first time, and some spend days in passenger vans driving over a thousand miles. From wherever they come, and however they arrive, they find that the Campground truly is a place where all of God’s people are welcome. No longer an American meeting, the Campground has become a beloved experience for people of many nations, kindreds, and tongues, providing just a glimpse of the day when we all bow together to worship the Lamb of God.

We hold two Camp Meetings per year. The largest general gathering takes place in June with a smaller meeting in the Fall. One week during the month of May is designated every year as a time for whoever is willing and able to help clean and make ready the tabernacle, dormitories, dining hall and all other facilities for the upcoming camp meeting.


Work Week

May 9-13


June 13-17


September 29-October 2



September 19, 2021


PLEASE READ. We are in a changing time. It shows us how quickly events can affect not only us but also the whole world. We want to be aware and concerned about each other’s health and welfare.


In Matt. 22:36-40, Jesus responded to a question as to the greatest commandment. His response was to “Love the Lord God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind” “And the second is like unto it, thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself”.  


In the spirit of brotherly love, we ask you to consider others, as well as yourself, before you travel. ARE YOU SICK? If you have a temperature of 100.5 or higher or if you are coughing or sneezing with signs of a possible sickness, please do not attend this Camp Meeting. 


We will live-stream the Camp Meeting on our website. If you are not able to watch the services on live-stream, DVD’s will be available after the meeting. 


As of this date, Kentucky is open. Face masks are not required but recommended in large gatherings. 


Please join us as we continue to pray for God’s will and direction during this time.

Thank you for your cooperation.    


- Gospel of the Kingdom Campground Trustees